July Pajamas Kids/Beginner Painters Cass Club

July Pajamas Kids/Beginner Painters Cass Club

Art In Pajamas Summer Zoo Trip!!! 
Juy Kids/beginner painters class club membership!! 🎨 
Splatter Paint!!! 

🦩 If you are a June VIP, you are already in! No need to sign-up here. ;) 

Looking for something different to do while you're at home??? Now is the perfect time to learn to paint! Participate on your own schedule, you can even paint in your pajamas, with these virtual art classes!!👩🏻‍🎨👨‍🎨

🎨 Come the Art In Pajamas family!! A group filled with like minded and encouraging friends! 

🎨 Cost is only $25 per membership!!! 
That is $25 for 4 classes! 😱 The July club is all about the zoo!! 

🎨 After purchasing your class, you will receive an email with a link to the private class group. 
Very important*** 
You have to be in the individual private groups to participate. Your child will need access through an adults FB page to access classes. Make sure you request to join them after I send you the link. If this class will be right for your child, they will need access to FB through your account to participate in these classes. 

🎨 I'm very excited for our new creative journey together! The goal here is to help all creatives find their individual styles. You do not have to already know how to paint! I've had many take my classes that had never picked up a paint brush before. They are now creating and loving it! I'm here to help you every step of the way. 

🎨 Our July  Kids/beginner painters club will start the first Thursday of the month  and the replay  videos will be up right after the live class. We will have Art Day Thursdays every week in June. All replay videos can be found in the Announcements tab in the class group. 

🎨 Replay class videos will be available forever! As long as Facebook Groups exist. Once you are in, you are in! You can participate live with me or anytime with a replay. 

🖌️ Supply lists will be posted in the private class group. 

Can't wait for y'all to join the fun with Art in Pajamas!