January Colorful Snowman Pop-up Painting Class

January Colorful Snowman Pop-up Painting Class

January colorful snowman pop-up class sign-ups!! ☃️

Our very first Pop-up class for the new year! This class will be posted live on Jan. 5. The replay will be available in the announcements tab for you to participate at your own convenience. 

🎨 Make it a paint party with family and friends!!! The best part... you only have to sign up one time if you are hosting at your home! 

🎨 These make great gifts!!! Paint as many as you'd like! When you purchase an Art In Pajamas class, you also receive the design rights to the painting! 

🎨 Never painted before? This class is for you!! Have painted before but want to maybe add to your technique? This class is for you!! I teach it step by step. Sketching- painting. I'm right there with you! 

🎨 No getting out, getting ready, or feeling pressured to finish at a certain time. The class is for you at your convenience, in your own space, you can even paint in your PJs if you want! It's all virtual. You can pause and replay as many times as you want. 

🎨 an email will be sent to you after class purchase with your private class group link included.