4 Inspiration And Color Classes With Art In Pajamas

4 Inspiration And Color Classes With Art In Pajamas

Back by popular demand!! These inspirational and vibrant painting class tutorials have been released from the vault!! 

You get 4 class tutorials for only $20!! $5 per class!!! 
With these online classes, you not only learn to sketch and paint, there are also inspirational life chats in each video. 

Now is the perfect time to try out a virtual Art In Pajamas Class!! 

💐  The 4 pre-recorded live videos are already up and ready for you to participate at your own convenience.  It can be found in the announcement tab at the top of the private class group. 

🎨 It's time to start a new hobby, spark your skills, or even create art to sell!! Whatever it is to you, Art In Pajamas is here to help you blossom in your painting journey along with a like minded, more like family community of people just like you! 

🎨 Where are these classes located? Anywhere you are!! Art In Pajamas classes are all virtual! You don't have to get out, get ready, or face any pressure of completion at a certain time! All classes are hosted here in FB in a private group. The tutorial videos are recorded live and available for replay at your convenience. You can catch up at midnight or 3 AM even!! It's all up to you. I will leave the videos up for months after the class is posted. You will have plenty of time to catch up, if needed. 

🎨 Never painted? This class is for you! Painted a little before? This class is for you!! An avid painter? This class is for you!!! We have members of all artistic levels! We grow together! 

🎨 Is there a template offered? No. The reason for this is that I have faith in YOU!! Yes YOU!! I teach you step by step how to sketch and then apply your paint. You do 100%!! This is a challenge for you. You will learn many things about yourself during the process. The feeling of accomplishment is a wonderful thing and you will find that within yourself. 

🎨 There are now many other online Painting classes, why choose this one? My answer for that, is you'll just have to figure that out on your own. All of these virtual classes offered by different artists are beautiful in their own ways. Some you may have a deeper connection with than others. I can not promise that Art In Pajamas is the best out there but what I do promise you is that I give it my all. My goal is to not only teach in a way of helping others see color in the world, but also the light within themselves.  I teach the only way I know how and my heart and soul goes in full force. I'm more of a coach, a fan, and a support system, than just a teacher. I have been a full time vibrant artist for more of my life than not.I've been blessed to be in shows and sell art all over the world and I love sharing my passion for art to hopefully help light a spark in someone else. ❤️

🎨 With any Art In Pajamas class purchase, you receive rights to the design. This means you may paint it as many times as you'd like, you may sell your AIP artwork, and you may even teach a class with the design as long as it isn't virtual. It will have to be in a local venue to you. I encourage all of this!! Your success means a lot to me!! *All AIP designs are copyrighted. The only way to receive non virtual teaching rights is to purchase a class. 

🎨 Each class purchase is per family!! So that means, all of you can participate together!! You can even invite friends to host a paint party using the AIP tutorials!! You only have to pay 1 time!! 🎉

🖌️ Suggested supply lists will be posted in each private class group. 

💗 I hope to see you all soon and have you join our Art In Pajamas Family!!! To learn how Art In Pajamas began click the interview link below  https://decoart.com/blog/article/494/decoartreg_doers__jesc_burgess_art
You can learn more about class registration at www.artinpajamas.com

❤️- Jesi Burgess