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Before painting with Jessica, I can tell you it was horrible. But with her helping me with her drawing tips it's opened my mind to doing this. I am actually liking what I see more and more. What a FABULOUS teacher Jessica is! I look forward to "me time" creating something

Tracy M

I have never really done anything like this before. AIP is wonderful. Jessica is great. She always has uplifting words for all of us. My grand daughter loves her classes. We started at the beginning of the pandemic it has been great. She won’t take can’t as a response. She tells us we can do anything. We will stay with these classes for as long as they are around We love our Art In Pajama family.

Denise G


About Me! 

Artistic Souls

Hey friends!  I'm Jessica! 
I am the artist at Jesc Burgess Art and also the founder/instructor at Art In Pajamas. I am a wife, a mom, and an artist from a small town in Northern Alabama. I have been a painter my whole life. I am blessed to have my original work in private collections and businesses all around the world. Sharing my passion for painting has been the biggest honor! I love to paint and also teach people how to paint.  I work extremely hard to help cultivate the inner artist in all of my students. I offer virtual online classes in order to to inspire and enhance everyone’s creative spark and spirit. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun by joining us today! 


What We Envision

Live wonky! 

My mission is to help you find your unique stlye and self! Throwing perfection and self judgment out of the window and learn to paint wonkey and live wonkey! We embrace vibrance, freedom, and beautiful messes, of which I hope will carry on throughout our ways of life, as well. We will be inspired not only to paint, but also live with confidence and find things within ourselves that we did not know existed! Our hearts and our creativity will be nudged to bloom at full strength! 

You do not have to already know how to paint to participate in any of the classes! Lots of participants have never even held a paint brush before Art In Pajamas. Now they are painting their hearts away! I am here to instruct you every step of the way. These classes are perfect for all levels of creativity! 

Our Values

Learn. Create. Inspire.

Art In Pajamas With Jesi Burgess Art was born out of a desire to help inspire people to create from their souls, to use art as a creative and healthy therapeutic outlet, to not only create something beautiful but also realize there is much beauty in their souls that can shine for the world to see. 
I have suffered through loss and trauma and I am real, just like you. I want others to know, they are not alone, there is hope, and love conquers all. Art helps me in so many ways and I am blessed to be able to share this with the world. 

I am proud of each of the artists in our community and I love being able to watch them blossom.


Art In Pajamas With Jesi Burgess Art

Art In Pajamas began in March of 2020. In the midst of our country being in quarantine, I decided to offer free virtual art classes. A new activity for families to do together and make memories while being at home, an outlet to help individuals create and find their inner creative. It wound up being a huge success! Within weeks, I had taught thousands! I loved every minute of it! 
When quarantine was coming to an end, many wanted to continue their creative journey with me. What an honor for me! 
Now here we are! We have exclusive monthly painting clubs for adults, beginner painters, and kids. I also offer Pop Up classes throughout the month. 
Come join our free Art In Pajamas Facebook group! This group is where you can find early class sign-ups, post your creations, and chat with like minded creative people, just like you! 

Find out more information and join us today.

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Learn and Grow

Tea Cup in Watercolor

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